Top 10 Best Superhero Games to Live Out Your Fantasies

There have been a lot of superhero games over the years, but not all of them are gems. Which are the ones that truly make you feel like a hero?

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GigawattConduit534d ago

Gooooooood, Saints Row 4 is so fun. I just beat it again a few weeks ago and it's still freaking amazing.

Orejillz534d ago

feel like playing again. Don't know who to make though, last playthrough was a gangster Joker.

GigawattConduit534d ago

You obviously need to make Jared Leto Joker.

SolidGear3533d ago

Prototype is the only one I ever enjoyed.

GigawattConduit533d ago

Tried it, didn't like it. Just felt incredibly unpolished and boring.