Nidzumi: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Preview: Narrowing The Gap

Nidzumi writes: "Soccer games have always been spilt between the market leader, FIFA and arguably the better game in Pro Evolution Soccer. That's why it's odd that we've recently seen this shift back towards FIFA as far as the 'better' game goes. It's been able to capitalize on the next generation of consoles by offering better online player, graphics & overall presentation. Luckily Konami has realized this sooner rather than later and now they are the ones taking note.

The overall core of the game should be shaken with the addition of many new integral features. Tactics will be able to change on the fly depending on the situation & just like FIFA we have been promised better off-the-ball movement from AI controlled team mates. Pro Evo boasts the most impressive on paper as the AI will be able to learn your tactics and strategies as you play then your players will adapt to which strategies work. It sounds impressive but not as impressive as the graphics."

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Rock Bottom3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Who cares about the graphics, Pro have always been a better game than Fifa.