PS VR Will Be Held Back by the Move Controller

We like a lot of what we've seen with the PS VR - like the price, accessibility, and some solid software - but the PS Move controller is a problem.

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ninsigma901d ago

Never really planned on using move with this apart from just trying it to see how it is. I'll be plenty happy to play using the duals hock with psvr (which, according to this article, seems to be the better option). They'll probably bring out revised move controllers later on but for now it's at least a good thing that your current ones will work.

bmf7364901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

The hardware itself is more accurate and comfortable to use than the Wii. Unfortunately, motion controls were nothing more but a fad for 7th gen, with the Wii sales dying later-on, and Kinect being a flop with Move. However, the best thing to come out of the Move would be the fact that the tracking and motion sensing technology were used in the Dualshock 4 and the PSVR. However, motion controls are seeing better implementation WITH VR instead of its own standalone feature. Vive comes with two motion controllers. Rift is getting motion controllers soon. Price points, the Vive being at $800. The Oculus Rift at $600 only coming with an Xbone controller as of right now. The PSVR and two-Move controller bundle which is at $500 OR the headset standalone for $400,

PSVR is still the cheapest way to get the full VR experience as of right now. Even with the cost of the systems FOR said VR, PSVR is the cheapest because a PC that can run VR at an "optimal" level is about $1300 as of right now.

Granted, I have a PC that's considered "VR Ready", but I do not plan on investing in VR for it until the prices go down on the Vive (Oculus is making exclusivity agreements and Bethesda is in a suit against Oculus over John Carmack stealing tech from Bethesda for Oculus)

solideagle901d ago

my friend invited me on tgia Friday for dinner party and he had kinect. I was the only gamer there and we really enjoyed kinect sports. All the non famers were saying lets buy it. Its cool

inveni0901d ago

The Move controller is actually very accurate and natural feeling. I still use it sometimes when it's raining and I need a game of disc golf.

C-H-E-F900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

I agreed, but I almost disagreed. The Wii "died" after hitting 100 million sales first last gen. How many more consoles do you want it to sell? lOl

kimblejay901d ago

After trying Move with PSVR, I was impressed by how precise it was. Worlds away from the early use of Move with PS3. Yes, it's a bizarre choice to use an old input with a brand new VR technology, but I'm not concerned at all after trying it.

Nitrowolf2901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

The move controller has some of the most precise accuracy in a motion control. In fact, many even compared it to just as fast and accurate as a mouse.

I don't think ps vr will be held back by ps move for one reason. Support for the device itself. I can see many devs opting to use the controller as the main input, and though at launch well probably have a lot of ps move/vr games, I expect it to shrink down. It's a shame to, because I actually loved how well move worked on the ps3.

nix901d ago

That table tennis game was just too good with Move. When you slice the ball, it actually curved.

wsoutlaw87901d ago

i just wish the move controller had an analog stick or a touch pad section for movement. Having to use the separate controller is stupid

bmf7364901d ago

Well in my experience with the move, it was leaps ahead of the Wii to say the least, but it always felt like the PS3 Eye camera is what held it down. The PS4 camera however has better tracking (even so far as Kinect-level tracking when I used the Playroom). No doubt it would also be them saving the investment on Move to directly relaunch it with PSVR

cell989901d ago

It also helps that this camera has two lenses for better 3D tracking. This isn't the old move system, theyve mastered all those nuances it had. I really think the only problem with move is a lit room vs a dark room

bmf7364900d ago

That's why it has the bright LED bulbs for tracking

jessionpc901d ago

Uh... The move controller even on the ps3 was glorious. I was amazed by what you could do with the thing. It felt so natural to use, and you could twist and rotate things you hold in the game just like in real life.

If anything the move controller is going to revolutionize VR interaction. Shaking hands with people around the world, opening doors in games, picking up items and examining them in the vr space, melee combat, ranged combat... The sky's the limit with these things. And I hear this is going to be BETTER than the ps3 version was.

Definitely buying this if I end up buying PSVR.

Valkron1901d ago

Kinda hard to see how move controllers will "revolutionize" VR when Vive already does it

joeorc901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

I doubt that very much, because it does work 🏢 pretty good, a few games that get made have trouble and suddenly, its the Hardware's. Fault...Media Molecules: Dreams say other wise..

And tho gives a real hint , that Move is not going to be holding it back, speed of production is.

How about 10 million units shipped before the end of 3rd Quarter of 2017!
Over 6million before end of 2016.
Yes, PSVR is going to be held so back by Playstation move controllers, when many times you will be able to use a standard PS4 dual shock controller to play VR games anyway..hello it has a light tracking as well, the VR games can just be played as if it was just a standard PS4 game.

And since the vive, and OculusRift also have and use wand controllers as well, many games that use such are going to be ported to the PS4 due to the fact that the PS4 shares the same core functionality. Of wand controllers through wireless camera 📷. Tracking like Vive & OculusRift leaving out more gamers to sell their software too by many 3rd party PC 💻. VR development games would not benefit their having. More consumers to sell their game too is going to benefit. Them.

Sony does, not make PC games or has PC game studios, So its not going to really matter to them how well the PC 💻 VR does , because it just means more of a chance that those PC 💻. VR games head to Playstation VR long as PSVR does good in the console market.

Having upto 10 million units shipped by mid year 2017 would be a fantastic start no doubt.

PeaSFor901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

"Sony released Move in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 in an effort to battle Nintendo’s Wii"

not at all, it was already in work since ps2, AND the ps3 controller ALREADY had motion sensors in it when it launched BEFORE the wii was even released on the market.

anyway, i dont agree with the article, Tumble showed me how accurate the ps move can be, and it was only using the ps3 camera..

joeorc901d ago

"not at all, it was already in work since ps2, AND the ps3 controller ALREADY had motion sensors in it when it launched BEFORE the wii was even released on the market."

Dr. Richard Marks. Was hired in 1999 when him and his design team @ Sony in 2000 @ siggaraph convention showed off the PS2 with the Eyetoy camera 📷 working with a motion control setup designed with mock (wand) wireless controllers that used a demo on the PS2 . The Demo was called
(the medieval Chamber)

In 2001 Nintendo was : Pitched a wireless wand controller set up..after Sony turned it down by the same company that went on to pitch the concept to Nintendo.

For good reason Sony already had one of their own.

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