Tenchu IV's new Wii-style combat mode

via WiiFanboy:

"When your sneaky ninja assassin is discovered in Tenchu IV, the target shakes your hand, laughing heartily while exclaiming "Ohhhhh, you! You almost got me that time! I gotta watch this guy!" Of course we're kidding -- he tries to murder you. In situations when you've been noticed, rather than just giving up or retrying, you now have the option to actually fight in a new first-person mode.

In alternating attack and defense phases, you use Wiimote gestures to simulate a one-on-one swordfight, battling until one of you is dead or your sword breaks. It's like Rose & Camellia, except with to-the-death ninja fights instead of Victorian-era face-reddening! Being a ninja and therefore a total jerk, you can also throw knives while fighting."

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SmokingMonkey3728d ago

this game is about being a STEALTH ASSASSIN, this wii mote jiggling thing is crap! maybe for a samurai game like kengo or my beloved bushido blade. Tenchu4 should have been developed for the PS3 exclusively so i could have 1,000 stealth kill animations. But NO, because the Wii has sold so well to amateur gamers (don't worry, my 1st video game machine was an Atari and a Nintendo too) they would rather make shovelware Wii games out of tried and true PS1 games like my beloved Tenchu. I will buy Tenchu4 for my Wii because i'm a die hard Tenchu fan (even got the import Tenchu1 extra levels import for my PS1) but really, developers being lazy about developing for the Cell because they know they can make just as much money for doing a whole lot less is ruining next gen gaming IMO.
Thank you Wii making games FUN but not an ART.