Google Chrome: Screenshots Revealed

GameXtract writes "Yesterday we notified our readers of a new browser that Google had been working on that was schedule to release today. Considering Google's main headquarters are on the pacific coast its most likely a fact that they are still sleeping away with nothing to lose. On the other hand Google Chrome has been getting many people wondering what exactly does the interface look like? The screenshots we have got are not the greatest in size, but they do show the simple approach Chrome is taking. Take a look at the screenshots after the jump, and keep your eye on the look out today as we should be receiving the browser anytime."

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whoelse3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

It should arrive today in beta! I wanna try.

cwir3674d ago

Gotta admit it's super fast!! Now I can see how other browsers "slow down" my broadband. Chrome uses the speed to the max! Even big portals which usually load in 1-3 seconds, on Chrome they just appear right away.

In task manager you can see that Chrome uses much less memory than Firefox.

However I already found a couple of bugs. On my web email agent I can't seem to view an email before opening it in a popup, which effectively stops me from using it until the full version is released.. Plus, since I'm a web designer, I already saw slightly different interpretation of css (any webmaster who does tests on multiple browsers will know what I'm talking about). A bit like Safari which in my opinion is the biggest pain in the @ss, webdesign-wise.

Also that thingy when you press middle mouse button and can move fast around the website, doesn't work in Chrome. I know it's a beta version but still..

Other than that, I can see it getting very popular. The speed is very impressive. I recommend trying it out.

uie4rhig3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

well it does use the same rendering engine as safari.. its currently installing, will see how it is in a sec :)

edit finished :D gotta say pretty sexy design.. will use it for a while see if i can help finding bugs and see how cool it is :D

EDIT2: OMG it has firefox's undo closed tab feature :D CTRL + SHIFT + T :D YAY and its soooo fking fast :O im loving it already .. hmm i might actually switch if good add-ons come for it (the ones im currently using in Fx)

EDIT3: it doesn't seem to load the movies on this page:

EDIT4: OMG so many edits lol.. it seems to have something similar to Firebug builtin :D thats pretty cool IMO.. since a web developer its very useful

EDIT5: it has a taskmanager .. like it seems every tab and plugin (such as flash) as a process, and in windows task manager, uses less resources and less memory, but it has multiple tasks opened, i guess thats wot they meant with multithreading, i think its like multiple browsers as group, coz for everything in the builtin task manager, it has one process in the windows task manager

cwir3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

About the Safari engine, I figured after I saw this bit on:

"If you've tested your website with Safari 3.1, then your site should already work well on Google Chrome."


Nice catch with ctrl+shift+t. Didn't notice that.
And with the multiple processes in task manager I also saw that. I guess that's one of the things that speeds it up that much.

Good stuff with "a la firebug" thingy. Firebug is irreplaceable when coding stuff in JavaScript :)

What's great about Chrome Beta is the funny approach by Google guys.
Option tabs are named: Basics, Minor Tweaks, Under the Hood :)

Also a very nice idea with the "incognito window" (it's opening a new browser window that doesn't record any urls, cookies, form entries etc into the history). Underage porn-junkies will love it :)
And funny explanation of "incognito" in the browser:

"Going incognito doesn't affect the behaviour of other people, servers or software. Be wary of:
- Websites that collect or share information about you
- Internet service providers or employers that track the pages that you visit
- Malicious software that tracks your keystrokes in exchange for free smileys
- Surveillance by secret agents
- People standing behind you"


PS: Bubbles to the fellow web guy :)

waltercross3674d ago

I'm using it now, It's very fast and so far no issues.

Calvin_ISA3674d ago

it's like lightning once the cookies are good. :)

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dericb113674d ago

I have been looking to download it but it's not out yet. Hope it does make it out so I can try it too.

Bonsai12143674d ago

looks very plastic-ish. oh well. i'll still give it a try.

Jellzy3674d ago

It sounds really promising, and so far leaks pretty decent too.

Given time, lets see how well it does against the all-mighty Firefox.

IdleLeeSiuLung3674d ago

I like what I see, although it does look a little "childish" if you can call it that. Basically, toy like.

However, I like the minimalist and simple approach!

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