Top Ten Games of 1990

Starting September 1st and leading up to their list of the top ten games of 2008, Binge Gamer is counting down the top ten games of each and every year, starting with 1990.

1990 was a year that started off strong, with the New Years Day release of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Japan saw games like Super Mario World. 1990 also marked the North American debut of the Final Fantasy series, and two separate sequels to Konami's 'Metal Gear'.

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Montrealien3753d ago

Nice read, I spent December 31st 1989 playing an imported version of Super Mario 3, truly on of the greatest platformers ever. I didn`t understand one word in the game but played it till the end.

sumfood4u3753d ago

lol I enjoyed that krazy game. but in 1990 i was still playing River City Ransom & SMB3. Yeah my 2 favorite suits was Hammer head & tankoie!

3753d ago
g3nkie3753d ago

omg.....that was 1990? 0_o

jumboplay3753d ago

Actraiser in 1990? You sure about that? And why screenshots from Actraiser 2?

BLlNK3753d ago

was the year i was born yo! I missed out on all the nes goodness. n64/ps1/ps2 was where i was at.

majorsuave3753d ago

1990, the year I started college, Metallica was still good, and, would've Penguin Land be a Nintendo title in the first place, Super Penguin Land would have been the platformer of the year, if not all time.

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