1-60 in 20 minutes

WOW Insider: "When I first read about Blizzard's new Recruit-a-Friend program, I thought it was a great way to get friends to catch up quickly. The zhevra mount was just a silly little bonus. The feature that lets players grant a level to a lower-level friend with every two levels had so much potential that it had some players crying out in the forums. Well, WoW Insider reader Brian has actually gone out and done what those players had feared -- he leveled a character from 1-60 in less than 20 minutes using the level granting feature.

Certainly, it can be done much quicker, as Brian didn't have to run into Stormwind's trade district or stop to show the talent points panel for the video. At this point, speed leveling records from 1-60 don't mean anything anymore, anyway. Of course, Brian had to level two characters to 60 on his recruited account to get a total of sixty level grants. With Level 80 fast approaching, I think it's really cool that new players or characters will have a way to rush towards the endgame. After all, there's still Levels 61 to 70 -- and later 71 to 80 -- to slog through. Let me see how many friends I can wrangle up now..."

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