ZTGD Review: Too Human

+ Intriguing, Innovative story line
+ Deceptively deep gameplay
+ Tons of great loot
+ Very addicting progression

- Online Co-op only two players
- Cutscene animations are terrible
- Hit and miss graphics
- Occasionally problematic camera

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TOM3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I've been getting the feeling that if reviewers don't like the developer they do everything they can to find things wrong with that particular game.All the hate lately on perfectly fine games.I'm getting to the point that reviews don't affect my purchase because they are so far off from what I think is a good game, I've found the game truly fun and one of the games that I started playing a second time right after finishing the first play through.I don't find the camera any problem at all.It was more like I got the felling that the camera was meant to pan out so you could take in more of the visuals,but I could be wrong about that,I just didn't have any issue with it.
I'd rate it an 8.5 since I didn't penalize it for the camera,graphics or the two player co op. My biggest WTF was is when the mouth stops moving in cut scene and when the games ended.I didn't feel the ending coming and was caught of guard when it ended.Way too short and left me wanting much more. The biggest selling point is no doubt the story thought.Very interesting and I find myself wanting to continue the story so Its good that the game is selling well(no 1 on the 360 list)and has a sequel on the way.
One note about this review thought.he states that useing strictly the range technuiqe will get you killed a lot.This i completely untrue and by the end of the game I got the feeling I was playing mass effect not too human.I died 11 times the whole game and had to use my hand to hand at most %1 of the time.It shows too,I didnt get any of the up close achievments like 100 hit combo or the juggle.