Life with PlayStation Starts a Bit Later

Andrei Dumitrescu writes:

"To be frank I am impressed by a lot of the stuff that Sony wants to do with its gaming console. The Vidzone service seems interesting, Home will likely change the way players relate to one another, and the upcoming movie rental service looks set to rival the partnership between Microsoft and Netflix. The only real issue is that Sony is plagued by delays. The last one announced concerns Life with PlayStation, which has been pushed back to an unspecified date."

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UNCyrus3729d ago

Great idea, but still the worst logo ever!

Montrealien3729d ago

Still seems interesting, I`ll be checking it out.

btw, the idea of the Pending section is to help approve stories ;D

kapedkrusader3729d ago

...tell me something I don't know.


Do not fret users for I will provide you with this service very shortly, and then you will continue to lick the glossy front of my body.

Stryfeno23729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Delays, delays, delays. When are the delays going to stop? By the time all these features are applied to the PS3 Sony will be getting ready to announce the PS4.

In about 2 months the PS3 will be out for 2 years and Sony is still playing catch up. What were they doing while the PS3 was being develop?
These features should of been ready 6 months after launch not 2 or 3 years later.

By all these reports and you look at the PS3 you know the consumers purchasing the PS3 is buying it because of the name (brand name).

butterfinger3729d ago

we (consumers) have also purchased the PS3 because of the awesome titles already available, free online play (also free themes and wallpapers), reliable hardware, built in wi-fi, all wireless controllers, bluetooth capability, future titles that are Sony first party exclusives, and blu ray movies. I got my 360 because somebody traded it to me for my GOW PSP.

juuken3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )


Shut it.

All companies have delays. Companies are not perfect first of all, and second of all you shouldn't even be talking about delays when Microsoft has their own delays! Delays usually help in the long run and with all this stuff Sony's bringing out, I'm not surprised this was delayed at all.



Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3729d ago

Life with PlayStation


No Life with xBox 360!!! ;-D

Once all these things are in place there will be ZERO Point in buying a xBox 360...Hmm there isn't a Point in getting one anymore anyway!!! ;-D
These are just Extra stuff we are getting for FREE!!! ;-P
When thy come they come;)

Poor xBot Lemmings sound LOST... ;-D

Fowack3729d ago

Poor xBot Lemmings

Dude I am on your side but i just always see you writing that in these miny battles and i have yet to find out what it meens.

Stryfeno23729d ago

Juuken I award you Sony Defense Force active poster of 2008.

In your eyes Sony can't do no wrong. You and your pathetic droids are getting screwed left and right but your seem to over look the problem...All I ever hear is Blu-ray this, Blu-ray that and how PSN is free.

WAKE UP!!!! Dont you realise how Sony made your wait sooooooooooo long and for what? Just to release buggy firmwares and try to keep hopes alive about Trophies, HOME, KZ2 and a whole bunch of other crap.

butterfinger3729d ago

You know when I felt screwed? I felt screwed when I got a 20GB XBOX 360, then had to spend $99 on a wi-fi adapter, $49 for a wireless controller, $179 for a 120GB HDD, and $49 for 13 months of Live. So let's see... that is about $500 for what I got with my PS3 out of the box for $400 including a blu ray player. I also only had to spend $80 to get a 250GB WD HDD for my PS3 bringing the total cost of my system to still $20 less than a 360 with all that stuff. 360 owners are getting screwed. It's a damn good thing that MS has some great AAA titles, because without them there would be no XBOX 360 fanbase.

Cajun Chicken3729d ago

I give respect to people taking longer to get something right then just sending it out in a lazy factory sense.
And Butterfinger is completely correct in the way how I feel too.

Microsoft this gen isn't the same nice guy they were during the XBOX era and just money grabbing in every sense, giving the consumer nothing back for it.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Well Micro$oft did give the xBot Lemmings 3 Nice Red Lights to Look at!!! ;-D

@SIX-0-3 ;) Well it means they are Lemmings(Like from the game er erm Lemmings!!!) ;-D
They all follow their KING RATS on this, saying xBox 360 is this and that, and they all believe it's a Out of this World Console etc etc. I can just see them all Falling over a Cliff as they Follow their Master!!! ;-D

juuken3729d ago

"Juuken I award you Sony Defense Force active poster of 2008."

Why, thank you. And I award you for being the biggest Microsh*t c*cksucker I have every seen in my entire life.

"In your eyes Sony can't do no wrong."

In *your* eyes, Microsoft can never do wrong.

I have said on numerous occasions that I was going to sell my PS3 back in 2007 because I felt Sony wasn't delivering on any of their promises. They made mistakes-I will be the first to admit this. 2.4 should have came along with the PS3 and they should have pushed the PS3 more as a gaming console than a bluray player only. But at *least* they are rectifying the issues and are doing a hell of a lot better.

Microsoft, on the other hand has never done a damn thing in their miserable lives as a corporation to solve their problems. You still have people who get the RROD, you still have people talking about disk scratching. When will Microsoft realize that the damn problem with the 360 lies with the fact that it's not a well made console to begin with?

Don't start that sh*t with me because I will own your punk ass where you stand.

"You and your pathetic droids are getting screwed left and right but your seem to over look the problem...All I ever hear is Blu-ray this, Blu-ray that and how PSN is free."

Getting screwed how?

Bluray is becoming the groundwork for games and hi-definition movies. You're just angry that PSN is free and we're getting all of this stuff free of charge. When Home comes and Life with Playstation (which I think is a very awesome feature because I can browse for the weather on my PS3), how long will Microsoft justify that pricetag?

Like I said, you love that Microc*ck and you keep on sucking it like a tootsie roll.

You remind me of Zerodin because he's just as blind as your retarded ass.


That's not our fault.

Pain3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Just wow...I sure hope u idiots say something stupid to Some guy in School that u get your Bot A$$ handed to u...that will make my day.

Quality takes time... Remember that.

edit: Oh Juuken got a Award? was it this one? Must be its shinny.

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