14 DLC For Tales of Vesperia Released

GamersPlatform Reports: "After the release of the four Free DLC of Tales of Vesperia last week, Namco Bandai releases 14 more DLC over the XBOX Live Marketplace, making the life of lazy RPG gamers a lot easier. This time, though, it's not free as you have to PAY! What's next, Namco?

All I'm probably getting is the 300,000 Gald for 300 MS Points. What about you?"

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Julie3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Well, i am playing Tales of Vesperia, i am like 25 hours ingame and i don't see a reason to buy skills, gald or items, that is nonsense and evil :(

I believe this is really crazy and greedy "meanies",i do fight for my gald!!! >.>

And guys the game is fun fun!! just forget this fugly lulz DLC :3

Voozi3753d ago

Well I'm having a blast in the game, I've put 55 hours into it already, deffently got my moneys worth.

Will pass on buying DLC though, that only takes away from the game...buying levels/skill points...sheesh anyone who buys it and calls themself an rpg gamer should be ashamed.

Good ole fashion level grinding for me ;D

Julie3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

True, and Vesperia needs a lot of grinding, and the grinding is fun!! :) well i am only lvl 34 but i enjoy to battle like mad ;___________;

Relcom3753d ago

Don't fall for it people. Be part of the solution

Julie3753d ago

I agree but, do you believe there is people who pays for this? i hope not :s gosh i really hope not :3

i mean wich kind of player would pay for stuff like that <.<

AAACE53752d ago

Alot of companies will be trying to get in on the DLC thing while people are interested. Also, this downloadable stuff is targeted more towards the weaker individuals who are easily discouraged... You know... the kind of person who buys a brand new game and uses cheats without even trying to beat the game normally!

RealityCheck3753d ago

It's sad that a developer would do that. Pay real money for in-game money. What is next? Pay for leveling up, pay for costumes, pay for accessories, pay to customize your controls, pay to adjust the sound volume, pay to adjust the contrast, pay to see the end of the story, pay for achievement points?

rhood0223753d ago

Half of what you stated is part of the 14 pieces of DLC.

cemelc3753d ago

Cant believe this, they are already charging for this??? well no worries here cos thats a given in the PS3 version

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The story is too old to be commented.