AMD's RV710 pricing revealed

It seems like AMD is going to keep putting pressure on Nvidia in the graphics card market as Tom's Hardware Taiwan has scored some AMD slides which reveals the pricings of the RV710 and the most expensive card is expected to end up somewhere between US$49-59.

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bumnut3729d ago

i almost had a heart attack when i read the title, i thought my 4870 was obsolete already!

i only bought it last week

snakebite363728d ago

I just bought a 1gb 3870 Overclocked edition yesterday. It arrives on Friday. I can't wait. That would suck if all the video cards suddenly dropped in price.

harrisonxxi3728d ago

hooray for cards for ati fanboys to ask for at work =(. Seriously AMD/ATI should invest some serious money into their driver quality control and then maybe i would buy one of their cards.

FantasyStar3728d ago

I've been rocking my 3870 for sometime and believe me, the driver support is not as great as Nvidia's. Granted it's not "piss-poor" but there's plenty of room for improvement over at the Red side.

I'll probably get an Nvidia card next just to keep things fresh. I always alternate between ATI/Nvidia just because that's how I roll.