Viva Pinata: trouble, sex, death, and penguins in paradise (Fidgit Review)

Review by Tom Chick:

"I'm pretty far into Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, having attainted level 17 of gardening. Actually, that's not really that far, considering I ducked into a random online garden only to find a mining installation, set up with defenses and automated miners digging for gold. It was bereft of anything green. There was a dragon stomping around. The host had been away from his Xbox for nearly an hour. I imagine he just left it running and open to online spectators, all of us locked out from interacting with his "garden", as a way of gloating: "Look at the automated money-making garden I've made". He was level 57. (I later found out he was one of the game's developers!)"

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pwnamon3675d ago

YEAH VIVA WOOH! Viva one was very underrated, I hope this one gets much more atention.

BLlNK3675d ago

I'm not gonna lie when i first heard about the first game i thought it was gonna be something totally different than what it actually was. But it's pretty fun and addicting. deff one of the few games i will be buying for 360 this year :)

Julie3675d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

This game is fun, relaxing , cute, and have a lot of strategy, i would recommend it to anyone :D

Now, please gimme Viva Piñata 2 (Trouble in Paradise) :)

militant073675d ago

BIGSheep is viva pinata developmer his cool and answer all your questions about it
i cant w8 till i get my copy of vp:tip

Yi-Long3674d ago

... but here in Holland it's going to be priced 60 euro(!) instead of the low price of 40 dollar in the states, due to a very much unwanted dutch dub(!), so this game will never enter my house.

Nicosia3674d ago

The Viva 1 dub was horridus on the pc.