Google Chrome reactions from John Lilly, Mozilla CEO

Thoughts on Chrome & More

"Interesting developments in the browser world lately. Between the new beta of IE8 and Google releasing the beta of their new browser (called "Chrome"), not to mention interesting work by the Mozilla team here as well, there's as much happening as I can ever remember."

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verb3k3728d ago

Firefox has an unparalleled extension system and millions of add-ons.

tplarkin73728d ago

That logo looks like Simon toy.

Lord Anubis3728d ago

the beta is a bit slow. perhaps because i have grown in to firefox. I'll keep an open mind.

vdesai3728d ago

Its not slow if you think it is your mind is playing tricks on you because it uses the fastest and one of the best standards compliant rendering engine. Ya, I think I should be in marketing aswell.