GP and VFH's Top 10 FPSs

GP Writes: "Time for us to tackle what is arguably the most popular genre of this generation. Thats right, the First-Person Shooters. The genre has changed and evolved unlike any other in the last decade and is home to some of the best games out there. From the megaton's like Halo and Half-Life, to classics like Doom and 007. This is the Top Ten..."

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Truplaya3729d ago

thats actually a very good list. I almost agree with all of it. I'd swop halo3 and UT2004 though.

ChampIDC3729d ago

I'd replace Doom 3 with the original, personally. Also, if there was a Halo game in there, I'd make that one the original as well.

dro3729d ago

it just had to be cod4... :)

my fav shoot em up/fav game... LOL XD

ali3123729d ago

Come on guys Halo 3? Halo 2 farts on Halo 3 for playability, at least my all time number 1 is there in Call of Duty 4

Serjikal_Strike3729d ago

The best so far is COD4....Then come Feb.2009, a new no.1 will be crowned! KILLZONE2!!!!!

jtucker783729d ago

I would have swapped in Goldeneye for Agent under fire, purely because Goldeneye was the original and unlocking all the cheat codes was fantastic.

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The story is too old to be commented.