Gamer 2.0: Brutal Legend Preview

Between Rock Band and Guitar Hero, gamers have already spent years in the limelight, living out their fantasies of rock stardom. But mix and match those titles, and you have what Brütal Legend is all about: a Rock Hero. From the genius mind of Tim Schafer comes a game that has been in the making for nearly 20 years. Brütal Legend takes you out of the spotlight, and places backstage as Eddie Riggs, heavy metal roadie extraordinaire.

Tim Schafer is no stranger to the bizarre, having previously helmed projects such as Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and most recently, Psychonauts. Brütal Legend, however, may be his most peculiar project yet. As a roadie you may not be rocking out alongside the stars, but you live the life nonetheless. Eddie Riggs has a photographic memory of every heavy metal album cover released. He eats, breaths, and sleeps the life of a heavy metal rocker.

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Nevers3728d ago

sooooooOOOOOOOOO stoked for this game... I hope it's as sweet as I hope.