'Tiger Woods' storms to number one, 'Too Human' number one in the Xbox 360 chart

EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 has stormed to the top of the latest all-formats games chart.

The first Tiger Woods game to debut at the top of the all-formats chart, the golfing sim launched on five formats with Xbox 360 leading the way with 33% of sales, PS3 on 32%, Wii on 28% and the remainder on PS2 and PSP.

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JohnnyMann4203732d ago

After last years release (TW '08) I am happy to say that this game is sweet.

The Gamer Challenges integrated into the main gameplay adds something never seen before in games and honestly it is a feature that will become commonplace....yeah it's that intuitive and adds enough to be called a feature.

The Tiger challenges are actually fun and no longer swamped with tons of Bingo Bango Bongo matches (which is a horribly lame game...sorry fans)

I think they need to work on the way your user is penalized after some rounds (Short game is flawed...sometimes you can't get close to the pin so you take the next best thing which messes up your average)

All in all this game brings me back to '06 when I fell in love with the series. I am glad they handed '09 to a new studio within EA.

Pick it up!