Strategy Infomer: 6 New Killzone 2 Screenshots

Strategy Informer have another batch of new Killzone screenshots, the PS3 exclusive shooter.

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cahill3753d ago

KZ2 is the brutal version of LBP

competiting consoles envy and ps3's pride

Tobias1233752d ago

are Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet even remotely related? O.o

DarthTigra 3752d ago

How does kz2 screens make you smile? Lbp i can see but Killzone....

BulletToothtony3752d ago

with those screen, the ones that are out don't look that good

osamaq3752d ago

this screens look outdated comparing with the GOW 2 screens

beavis4play3752d ago

first, GOW refers to god of war. and since your link is for gears of war...that's a little misleading.
second...those gears shots aren't "in-game". they're touched up shots that look waaaaaaay better than the actual game. gears1 did this too. your score for this site isn't a 1000 yet, so i can understand the confusion.....but as far as the real, in-game footage and screens are concerned.... KZ2 is much better looking than gears2.

osamaq3752d ago

@beavis4play since your score is higher than "1000" give the readers a prove that the Gears of war 2 screens isn't in-game screens , and a prove that kz2 screens is in-game screens. Smart ass

CrippleH3752d ago Show
Kaneda3752d ago

are you new to gaming world? :) you actually believe those Epic screenshots actually in games? I think you will be dissapointed when you got the game.. :)

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Diugu3752d ago

Killzone looks better and better.

Panthers3752d ago

Seems impossible, don't it?

Big Cojones3752d ago

The game with atrocious A.I, horrid level-designs, and laughable multiplayer is looking quite good I have to say. LOL

DJ3752d ago

Every hands-on preview completely disagrees with you.

cahill3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

did u actually mean Gears of war 2

laughable online --just 10 players
laughable co-op - 2 players
laughable scale
laughable boss sizes--40 feet vs 300 feet in Reistance 2

Resistance 2 will kick all ur games this FALL

BTW it looks miless better than any game on ur console
Its multiplayer is awesome and untouchable just like it SP

Rekyyli3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Lol pal, u gotta have some talent to write a comment like that. Laughed 10 minutes straight when i saw ur way beyond stupid liner. Absolutely fvcking priceless! COTY nominee and we have a winner right here. The amazing new low even for N4G. Congrats! Seriously, un-fvcking-believable!

There should be a law that would restrict the keyboard use for guys like u. Nice job, even if i would practice that for two years, i would not be able to achieve that level! I have to give bubbles for that, be proud.

Sorry about the OT, but no matter which side you are on, u just gotta love statements like that. LOL!

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