10 Guest Fighters Perfect for Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is going to have guest characters join its ranks, but the question is "who". We came up with 10 candidates worthy of fighting DC's great heroes.

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aneeler853d ago

I'd love to see Jensen and Ciri in a fighter. Magic vs Tech, the age old battle.

GigawattConduit853d ago

The answer is obviously tech, because Adam has the best shades. What does Ciri have? Nothing.

aneeler852d ago

Aside from the ability to warp to different realities. But totally with you, cool shades clearly trump trans-dimensional travel.

psyduck852d ago

I am not good at fighting games.
Generally, I do not like fighting game.
But holy hell, would I snatch this one up if Bigby made his way onto the roster. Yes, sir.

GigawattConduit851d ago

I think they're gonna try and shoot for Watchmen characters, but still...Bigby would be freaking sweet. That or the Jaegars in Pacific Rim.