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pwnamon3703d ago

They sort of shot themselves in the foot their xD

The Power of Red3703d ago

At least Sony didn't pay 50 mil for it.

SullyDrake3703d ago

Microsoft is gonna get a taste of the... No, they're gonna choke on their own medicine.

Mirror's Edge is one of the hottest, most anticipated titles in Q4 2008; not only will it run and perform better visually (PS3 lead platform) and have Trophies on the PS3, but now you get more out of the game on the PS3.

I wouldn't be surprised if other titles like Dead Space and Prince Of Persia go the same route.

xhairs93702d ago

At least Sony gets exclusive DLC for games that aren't dead after 30% of gameplay.

Fishy Fingers3703d ago

I'm happy to see some DLC coming but making it exclusive to a single console is beginning to annoy me. First GTA, then Fallout and now Mirrors Edge, it isn't right to dismiss some of your customers and reward others, everyone who bought the game should be allowed access to the DLC.

With games becoming so expensive to produce buying exclusive rights is obviously doing the same, so they're now going after exclusive DLC, which I just think is wrong.

Idonthatejustcreate3703d ago

When the DLC comes out for GTAIV,fallout3 and Mirrors edge we will be playing better and less old games than those with top notch graphics and great replayability =)

The exclusive DLC is not that big of a deal that people would like it to be.

Jake the Muss3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I agree Fishy. I'm not sold on the idea of exclusive content for some groups but having others miss out, solely decided by purchase format. Those that parted with money to purchase the goods should be equally rewarded.

I am yet to be convinced that DLC is a system seller either. I welcome those to correct me maturely, but DLC seems to me to be less of a way to sell systems and more of a way to score points. First Microsoft scores with GTA DLC, then Fallout DLC, so Sony strikes back with Mirrors Edge DLC and Bioshock exclusive content.

DLC doesn't really benefit either party (publisher or console maker) - think about it. An exclusive game will move (a) console, yes. But here, its available on 3 formats, so it wont. EA will still get the same revenue, regardless of your choice of format. But at (console of choice) HQ, someone gets to say "Ha ha, take that!". Its tit for tat in a fierce business rivalry. I fail to see that Sony will really benefit from paying (if indeed they did) for DLC, but gain more from reminding Microsoft that they can and will play the same game (figuratively, not literally).

That, and if your the type of person that takes satisfaction solely from someone else loss, then you best seek some medical help.

dogseye_deadhorse3703d ago

yeah agree but if Warhawk was multi and i couldnt download the new expansion for it (jetpacks) because of exclusive dlc, I'D BE REAL PISSED..

uie4rhig3703d ago

QFT.. i too think that DLC shouldn't be exclusive, DLC exclusivity is not game exclusivity .. if a game is exclusive, the dlc will be available to everyone who has bought the game (unless its someone stupid enough to buy the game but not the console lol).. but if only the DLC is exclusive.. the other will feel left out.. they'll probably not buy it at all..

sorry EA.. stupid move!!

oh and prepare for 360 fans saying 'OMG im getting 360 version coz i don't care about DLC' and PS3 fans saying 'OMG im getting PS3 version coz i want DLC' same thing happened with GTA and will happen with MiEd and FO3

TheHater3703d ago

Couldn't agree more Fishy. I prefer a game to be exclusive to a console, rather than having exclusive contents to a consoles for a game.

solidsnakus3703d ago

i agree with you , but i dont think this post is true. its EA were talking about here, they held back to later release gun packs in battlefield just to make more money. so im shure they wont make exclusive content for either console unless they were paid a large amount of $$ which sony has a reputation for being on the stingy side of things by not paying to keep DMC,GTA,RE5,FF13 and countless other games exclusive.

RememberThe3573703d ago

But if I was going to get it on the 360 I'd be a little pissed. We don't even know what the DLC will be so I would get my panties in a bunch just yet. Exclusive DLC is a really crappy idea though I have to admit.

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whoelse3703d ago

It explains why I keep seeing those Mirrors Edge ads on IGN UK.

thereapersson3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

However, I will be waiting for this to come out and be reviewed before I make any purchasing decisions.

Also, this news makes sense considering that they are making the PS3 the lead SKU. Usually developers favor DLC on the console that they devleop for first and foremost. Hence the DLC in GTA IV (even though yes, I know MS paid for that), and the Fallout 3 DLC (we already know that the developers are using the 360 as the lead dev platform).

Idonthatejustcreate3703d ago

The only parts which worries me about this game is length and replayability.

I really hope that it's like 20 hours long and has multiplayer with a mode like Capture the runner and Foot race. But I don't think this is the case...

Dark General3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I'm not really concerned with the length of the game. I'm sure it'll be the (current) standard of about 12 to 15 hours of gameplay. I don't think there's any multiplayer component and honestly i'm glad. I prefer single player games. If a game does single player and multiplayer i expect it to be awesome for both and not a halfassed attempt at single and good multiplayer. Or vice versa. But i'am quite biased as i prefer single player games only to games with single and multiplayer.

SixTwoTwo3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I share your concerns about Mirrors Edge which why I am more interested in games like Far Cry 2, LBP, and Resistance 2. Each of these titles have features that should give them tremendous amounts of replayability for many months. ME is a rent for me.

Dark General3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I don't mind replayability but to be honest i usually replay the games i buy 2 times. Usually. If a game is for to me i'll replay it a few times. It's just like when i was younger (and probably others) when we were younger our parent couldn't buy us a bunch of video games. So what did we do? We'd replay the hell out of the games we did have, i'm still pretty much the same way even some 15 years later.

I can't wait for LBP either. I know i'll suck at creating levels but at least i'll have fun smacking my girlfriend with my sackboy along with a few of my friends. I'll probably create alot of different little sackpeople and just run a muck through the levels.

EditL: *Laughs my ass off* You're right Tacki. Maybe i should reword that a little bit there.

Tacki3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

"i'll have fun smacking my girlfriend"

Watch out for the rumors that you go around beating your girlfriend, man! LOL!

GarandShooter3703d ago

@ Tacki

You edited his sentence...and I believe it could have been done better...

'i'll have fun smacking my girlfriend with my sack'

What do you think?

Tacki3703d ago

I did think of that as well. But for whatever reason I went another way. A less kinky way. lol

There's so many things you could do with a comment like that though. Even in its current form. For example...

"i'll have fun smacking my girlfriend with my sackboy along with a few of my friends."

Sounds like Dark General is having a LittleBigOrgy.

ShadowRyuX3703d ago

"i'll have fun smacking my girlfriend with my sackboy along with a few of my friends."

You don't know how many "naughty" ideas could easily form from that statement...

Anyways, I like that the PS3 is finally getting some decent treatment. Too bad I am not really interested in this game...

Dark General3702d ago

*Laughs my ass off* Yeah i noticed when i edited what i said. It was originally "I'll have fun smacking my girlfriend and some of my friends with my sackboy". Then i changed it to it's current form. It's still alot you could think of that could be tooken a couple of different ways (pun intended) but i'd take orgy jokes over abruisive boyfriend jokes.

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byeGollum3703d ago

O well .. was gonna buy it on ps3 anyways .. if you own more than one console then you wont care who gets exclusive content