Bambi Shall Have His Revenge in WotLK

Any World of WarCraft player worth his carbon knows that their game of choice is filled to the brim with pop culture references that stretch from Paris Hilton to Big Trouble in Little China. It would seem as though Blizzard is continuing that trend with this recent discovery from the Wrath of the Lich King beta.

Everyone's favorite orphaned anthropomorphic deer, Bambi, makes an appearance in the game, along with his buddies Flower, Thumper, and his mom (who is still alive at this point). Of course, the names were changed to protect the innocent, that being Blizzard's wallet, but it's obvious what the inspiration was.

So what happens if you decide to be a tad bit evil and recreate that murder scene of Bambi's mom? Apparently, Bambi does not like that very much and instead of just taking it lying down like he does in the movie, he decides to totally destroy you.

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Twizlex3730d ago

LOL, that's hilarious! Killing Bambi the most epic feat in the game?

Nostradavis3729d ago

That is freaking hilarious!!

Twizlex3730d ago

Do people still play WoW? How many of those supposed 10 million people are STILL subscribers? Somehow I think Blizzard is fudging their numbers...

TheColbertinator3730d ago

I wonder that too.But I know people will come back when Lich King comes out

Twizlex3730d ago

That's true, but I think they would attract a whole new audience if they would just reveal a StarCraft MMO.

jerethdagryphon3729d ago

this might get me playing again