Socom Confrontation PAX 2008 gameplay video writes:"the footage is from the recent event PAX. It shows footage from the game we've not seen before, judging from the video the game has improved a lot."

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gameraxis3703d ago

to sink my teeth into this game and go crazy with a clan, becoming MASTER!!!

i personally think its pretty mindblowing and even if u don't... all it needs are the tools to produce awesome fragfests, and it def has that!!!

Fluffy2Duffy3703d ago

The game look nice to play but it look like a ps2 game graphics, i duno why i see that im starting to dislike it, Wil have to wait more to read reviews, gameplay videos etc

JohnnyMann4203703d ago

Go back and play a PS2....I think you forgot what PS2 graphics are..

Well here...

Socom 2: Crossroads (since memory doesn't serve you right...)

Sorry but confrontation looks sooooooooo much better.

Panthers3703d ago

Hell, compare Confrontation to Warhawk since both are PSN titles and see which one looks better.

Socom has been more about gameplay anyways, but Confrontation looks great. If you want graphics, just wait till Killzone 2.

SmokingMonkey3703d ago

graphics don't matter for SOCOM to be what it is.

Fishy Fingers3703d ago

For a £20 PSN game I'm more than happy with those visuals.

gameraxis3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

i hear what ur saying, and its not far fetched, but if u saw some hd screen shots and video (other than this crap) its def. above my opinion the only thing last gen is the animations...

hopefully it ends up doing what u need so u can enjoy it though!! it would be a shame if it did end up falling flat.

59fifty83703d ago

now im definetly getting this

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The story is too old to be commented.