PSX Extreme: Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity Review

PSX Extreme writes: "The PS2 is still going strong, but it's not due to the teen-oriented titles based on Japanese anime. Or in this case, French animation. Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity is yet another in a long line of futuristic cartoons designed to appeal to a certain age group, and while Neko Entertainment wanted to embrace a few good ideas, they fell far short in execution. We perfectly understand that budgets for such games aren't very high, but if you can't make something better than this, there's little point to entering the production phase. The action/adventure genre is the largest and therefore the most extraordinarily competitive category in the industry, and Code Lyoko isn't able to compete with any solid PS2 action/adventure game that already sits on store shelves for a budget price. It's too bad. As we just said, the theory and concept is sound and could've made for a highly entertaining and even unique experience. But with several crippling drawbacks, the final result is ultimately disappointing."

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