Gaming Nexus: Battlefield:Bad Company Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "The Battlefield series has been a personal favorite of mine over the years. I got hooked on the game at a LAN party where we played the demo of Battlefield:1942 demo for three hours straight. Since then the game has taken gamers through warfare in Vietnam, modern times, and even into the future. What I liked about the game was that there was a lot of great first person combat and the games usually required some modicum of teamwork to succeed. The other great thing about the game was that you could spend as much or as little time with the game as you wanted. It was just as easy to hop on a server and play a few matches before bed as it was to hop on a server and spend most of an afternoon defending capture points.

Battlefield:Bad Company brings a lot of changes the Battlefield franchise. This is the the first console only edition of the game and it's the first edition of the game to ship with a full fledged single player campaign. Previous editions just had you playing the multiplayer maps against AI bots. Finally Bad Company introduces a new gameplay mode called Gold Rush that brings asynchronous gameplay to the series for the first time."

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