Gamespot PAX: iNfamous interview

Sucker punch tells about the powers of their main characters!

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LarVanian3676d ago

Roll on the ""[email protected]$ iS a <RacKd0wn CloNE!!"" claims.

lordxing3676d ago

There is just too many freaking games that are coming out that are so amazing. I have to keep trying to find ways to make more money... *eyes glints* so anyone here want to donate to the... er well I am sure everyone here will probably be in the same situation so no reason to hit you all up for money haha. But back to the topic.

I love what he said about it being developed for the system instead of having a comic being adapted to a system. I mean this way they can create powers ground up for the game and make it just look so amazing. With all the games that show up, everything has to have something simply awe inspiring about it. I think Infamous will definitely stand and delver its "sucker punch" to the line up and show that it is a game to be reckoned with.

I can't wait to hear more about the villains and sidekicks, hopefully they'll let a bit more about it soon.

godoftime3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Looking forward to more info on this game.

godoftime3675d ago

This game keeps looking good, hope it stays strong.