Google to launch browser called Chrome to battle IE; Is Firefox a target or tag-team partner?

Google will launch a Web browser called Chrome that will take on Microsoft's Internet Explorer and apparently Mozilla's Firefox, which the search giant essentially funds.

* Google's browser will be open source;
* Chrome will include a JavaScript Virtual Machine built from scratch;
* Tabs will be moved around;
* The browser has an address bar with auto-completion.
* There's a privacy feature like IE has;
* And Google aims to be proactive about fighting phishing and malware attacks.

Update: Google confirmed that Chrome will launch on Tuesday in a beta that will cover 100 countries.

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NO_PUDding3728d ago

Will use.

I still use IE... Don't see the problem, but this will convince me. Google is my Homepage on everything, it's the centre of the internet to me.

lsujester3728d ago

Chrome will make you switch from IE? WTF?

Why would a new untested browser, Google or not, make you switch when there is Firefox 3... the best browser around.

verb3k3728d ago

I agree with lsujester, Firefox FTW!

plain rice3728d ago

Hell yeah with Google as the homepage. It's my homepage for every device that is capable of viewing websites. PS3, iPhone, Blackberry, etc...

Statix3727d ago

I'm sticking with Firefox.

Call me crazy for betting against Google, but I predict this to be a failed venture on their part on this one.

uie4rhig3727d ago

which i highly doubt, then firefox will be history, and chrome will take a BIG chunk of IE's user base.. im gonna try chrome, if its gonna be any good, then i'll probably switch from firefox when its out of beta.. but thats quite far thought :P

PopEmUp3727d ago

IE FTL, Firefox FTW, safari FTW, and Finally CHROME FTW but in progress

texz3727d ago

So I don't se why I should use something different than realy improved from other versions IE number 7 dot oh.

shelbygt333727d ago

The only reason some sites only work in IE is because of the way the IE browser acts, it's failure to comply to all the "standards" that exist, and developers/companies not willing to spend the time to make sure their site/app works on all browsers and therefore just make sure it looks nice in the one with the biggest market share.

So, if FF, Safari, Opera and Chrome can widdle away IE's market share, and ensure that all browsers are standards compliant, then theoretically if you make a site correctly, it will work the same way in each browser. Thus, eliminating the "you must have IE installed" message from our vocabulary. (Given, that's a utopian viewpoint, but it's what we're striving for.)

robbo9183727d ago

Not sure what sites you visit but Firefox has zero problems and I have used it since it started. There were a few compatibility problems in the past but nothing with the new release, so no IE isn't the only browser that has few to no issues with websites.

meepmoopmeep3727d ago

i'm going to install windows on my mac to beta test Chrome until the Mac version is released.
Go Google!!!

killax35633727d ago

I just downloaded it. Its hot.

So far, I like it a lot. But there is a little bit of a learning curve (it took me a few seconds to figure out how to get to my favorites).

I'm think Google Chrome will be my main browser and Firefox will be backup (or in case I need to highlight anything; i love that FF plugin).

killax35633727d ago

i just read about the "Omnibox" on

"The second big principle behind Chrome is that a user can type anything he or she wishes into a single place, the Omnibox, and instantly receive suggestions on where to go, gleaned from the user’s own browsing history and Google’s rankings of popular sites. Whether you type in a Web address or a search term, the Omnibox is very smart. In some cases, in my tests, it came up with the right destination after I had typed only one or two letters of the name of a site I frequently visited."

The Omnibox can be used either as an address bar (for URL's) or as a space to start a google search (kind of like the search box in Firefox and IE).

Like I said. Google Chrome is looking Hawt.

aaquib53727d ago

Safari rocks! It's so simple and elegant, I love it. It doesn't have the customization as Firefox does, but it R4PES IE any day.

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rCrysis3728d ago

I'd test it out...just to see how much RAM it would take up...because I'm only running on 512mb...>.<

Danielson3727d ago

ram wise chrome is ridiculous 27-60 mb. craziness, i am very impressed with chrome so far!

ice_prophecy3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Its damn fast.

Mikey Mike3727d ago

that as of right now it is vapor ware.

xionpunk3727d ago

Chrome seems to actually be running faster than firefox for me. very impressed. Also I like the way it looks, nice and simple.

vdesai3727d ago

Runs faster because it uses the Webkit rendering engine (the one thats in safari).

ice_prophecy3727d ago

Actually it exists. Google does a lot of R&D and software development.

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Bladestar3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

ohh great... as if we don't have enough browser lovers already... damn it! as a programmer all I have to say, that freaking sucks! do you know how much time we have to spend trying to make website compatible with most browsers? ohh and this is not only about Microsoft being incompatible with W3C which they have finally start doing... all browsers move away from standards one way or another... some of them support some features.. others don't... the no long release Safari for windows is being a b!tch... opera.. you do not want to know... and now even google is making a browser!? sucks! web developers life is about to become more miserable...

why didn't they just join forces with firefox... it's a very matured and great browser!?

anyways... I just hope is not too plain... too simple... I know the great thing about google is simplicity... but I was not too happy with GoogleTalk... it lacks too many features that one can find in MS Live, Yahoo and other Messenger..

ice_prophecy3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Firefox can be faster. But unfortunately politics has made it not possible.

Google's mission has always been giving consumers choice. By doing this, they do R&D in many areas to create their take on a product. By no means do they force you to switch over. If their product happens to be better than the competition, people will have that choice to change. If not, google abandons the project or improves it.

If chrome becomes the next big thing then why not?

kevin11123727d ago

why dont you quit complaining and do your job, you dont like it do another.

shelbygt333727d ago

Typically we only QA for:
IE (windows), v6 and 7
FF for windows and mac, latest build
Safari for Mac (latest build)

Don't know why you would even bother testing Safari for Windows.

Bladestar3727d ago

my company develops APIs and web components to license to developers. we practically have to support as many browsers as possible... hell we even try to support Mozilla 1.7 to a point... I understand if you are developing 1 app you can get away with ignoring many browsers.. but when your target audience is lots of developers each one of them with their own requirements... yeah... each single browser matters...

Kholinar3727d ago

Better get used to supporting webkit. It's going to be everywhere in many forms, and, even if Safari for Windows is buggy, Webkit and its browsers are, by far, the most standards compliant.

I agree, it's a minefield, but the web would have died if we didn't have the competition that started when FF came on the scene. Even FF has greatly benefited from this war. They certainly wouldn't have jumped on a new javascript engine if Webkit hadn't been there tripling performance.

It's also much less of a minefield than it was when we just had IE6, FF and Opera on the Windows side. Browsers generally behave a lot more predictably.

vdesai3727d ago

All you guys really have to worry about is IE then one of the other browsers because all of the other browsers strive to meet web standards.

shelbygt333727d ago

Well if your goal is to support all the browsers, ok. But for my company (websites for corporations) - as long as we get 95+% of the users, we're good. I've never once seen it a mandatory to QA for Opera compliance, btw. But I understand each and every situation is unique.

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Sanhlami3727d ago

hope its as fast as opera but as compatible as firefox.