Gameplay Monthly: Too Human Review A-

Too Human does many things well, some of them very well. However it also has several glaring flaws that can hamper an experience which in the end is rather average. Those able to overlook the flaws and get used to the rather unique control style are likely to get a few hours of fun here. Anyone who loves gathering items and collecting armor will get even more time out of it. In the end Too Human's loot gathering and experience grinding will be what pulls the gamer looking for that kind of experience back, not its storyline or amazing graphics. It's a game that has a particular audience in mind, and for my money serves that audience rather well despite its obvious problems.

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Skyreno3696d ago

lol thats funny A- ?????? Is D- Gay

CrippleH3696d ago

Knock me down or whatever I have to do this.

RememberThe3573696d ago

A- = Very good =/= Average, thus A- =/= Average. Something happened between the review and the review score.

donator3696d ago

What the hell. I got an A- in biochemistry and I'm only average? What gives?

Chuck Norris3696d ago

XB360 GOTY confirmed! Too Human is the best game ever developed for the XB360. No other XB360 game comes close to the masterpiece that is Too Human. Denis Dyack is a gaming god amongst men.

RememberThe3573696d ago

I mean come on, was there ever a question? I mean it's not like Gears or Fable are going to be any good.


TheColbertinator3696d ago

I did'nt know that website still existed.I tried to find it a few months ago and they said the site was taken down due to lack of funds.

ICUP3696d ago

I wonder who help them pay they bill? mmmmmmmm

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