Will the Penny Arcade Expo Replace E3 as the Standard

Delivering a show that equates to an experience every gamer dreams of, the Penny Arcade Expo may in fact be the most exalted gaming show/festival in the country right now.

With the death of E3 – or whatever you want to call its current state of affairs – the Penny Arcade Expo is gaming heaven for gamers, developers, publishers and thousands of other people. The evidence of this can be seen with E for All – the only other game show to receive the approval of the ESA– being pushed back to October after it was scheduled to run side-by-side with PAX 2008.

Originally scheduled for August 28-30, E for All is now scheduled for October 3-5 and doesn't have nearly as much support from the publisher and developer aspect as PAX 2008 has.

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UltimaEnder3704d ago

Well put, it's tough to call whether or not PAX can really replace E3 and as someone who attended both this year (from a journalist side) I would say they accomplish two totally different things. E3 is for journalists and PAX is for the public, simple as that and that is what both should continue doing!