The 13 Most Badass Video Game Power Suits

Wonder why the heroes always get the girl? Slip into these togs and you´ll be knee-deep in pixel babes, too.

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zo6_lover273553d ago

I saw this a while ago, I should have submitted this :(

sumfood4u3553d ago

Samus deserves 1st spot, i was gonna say something til i finished watching the list not bat! they could of added hammer head with tanoki mario!

socomnick3553d ago

Snakes skin tight latex suit is badass ? wtf.

ThatCanadianGuy3553d ago

Let me guess..Mastercheif's power ranger suit is better right?

mfwahwah3553d ago

Are you kidding me!? His suit basically makes him younger; If he didn't have it then Arthritis Ocelot would be his main foe. Not only that, but it's the best camouflage next to invisibility. I would love to have that suit.

BigPete79783553d ago

How can this list not include Megaman?

Megaton3553d ago

Wow, an MDK and Earthworm Jim reference. Didn't expect that at all, especially from something as mainstream as MAXIM.

Dark General3553d ago

Same here. I was like "Isn't that Kurt from MDK2?" and earthworm jim was a nice nod as well. Not a bad list at all.

InMyOpinion3553d ago

Where is Chuck Norris's Texas Ranger suit(action jeans included)?

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The story is too old to be commented.