Microsoft: Exclusives 'a little less important'

Boris Schneider-Johne, product manager for Xbox 360 at Microsoft Germany, explained the company's stance on the importance of exclusive titles.

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Bombibomb3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

ROFL! Yup. That's why they stole Final Fantasy XIII and DMC4. That's why they pay millions for exclusive DLC. They wouldn't be trying to "get" Sony's 3rd party exclusives on their console if they didn't care.

They're just saying that 'cause they don't have as many exclusives as Sony does. The 360's "most hyped" titles are multi-platform.

pswi603753d ago

thats why actions speak louder than words...

Bombibomb3753d ago

More like that's why M$ is full of sh*t.

NO_PUDding3753d ago

Microsoft just ahvem't had the experience, and all the time Sony can maintain it's massive first party I doubt there will be much variation within the console wars.

If the Xbox division didn't have the deep pocketed parent company, it would have been out of the game. It could have afforded GTA4 , nor could it have afforded FFXIII. It also couldn't have afforded extended warranties and the cost of the RROD.

How did they make a profit last year? It was purely becuase they parent company took the losses for them.

Johnny Rotten3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

"How did they make a profit last year?"

the first thing that comes to mind is the $60 gold memebership...

radio0o3753d ago

Agreed. The other thing is that they are downplaying the importance of exclusives because they really don't have any amazing ones coming in the future like Sony does.

KBDuB3753d ago

"The 360's "most hyped" titles are multi-platform." Not quite..

Skadoosh3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Why are you always the first to troll in a 360 gaming article and talk negative about it? Are you that insecure with your ps3 that you have to keep telling yourself and others that the 360 is crap? Get a life dude.

PimpDaddy3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

“Given the production costs of the games, it is hardly possible for developers to commit itself exclusively to someone"

He was talking about 3rd party developers going multiplatform instead of doing exclusives like they did in past generations.

Bombibomb: Microsoft didn't steal anything. Those 3rd party developers wanted to make more profit. Hard to do that when you go exclusive to one console, exspecially when that one console has a much smaller install base in the US and is about equal in EU.

Edit: KnaveX, you proved my point perfectly. Sony had to pay out the a$$ for MGS4 to be exclusive. But what you forget is that Konami would have made more money if they had taken MGS4 multiplatform. Thats the way the business model works this generation. Both the 360 and PS3 are similar in performance. Have similar audiences. It only makes sense to go multiplatform to maximize profits.

poopsack3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

i know you have a PS3 and all and your a bit bias towards the 360 but in a way bomb isnt trolling, you truly think that DMC and FF not being exclusive isnt because of M$'s checkbook? they arent full of sh!t for saying exclusives arent important? all PR is full of sh!t from all companies. was it a lie that Ms paid 50 million bucks for DLC?

@ pimpdaddy: yet kojima has enough cash in his pocket with a smaller install base and no overhyped advertisement campaign.

@icup thanks fixed it

KeiulZen3753d ago Lips, Fable 2, that movie game, and w/e other ones they got at E3.

I say M$ is just one huge oxymoron.

zo6_lover273753d ago

Its not even a 360 article you idiot, its was in both playstation 3 AND Xbox 360 categories.

ICUP3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

To be fair M$ only pay 50 million bucks for GTA 4 DLC. :P

NegativeCreep4273753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Why do I have the oh-so strong feeling that if Microsoft had even a THIRD of the First-Party development assets of SCE that they would totally be rubbing it in everyones faces on how crucial exclusives are and how decisive they can be in regards to potential future hardware revenue.

Microsoft just loves to make the best of every situation by running their mouths almost mindlessly, even if it totally contradicts something that they said in the recent past.

AAACE53753d ago

These comments from the same idiots who were going on and on about Microsoft not having anything but Gears and Fable 2, and that Sony had some kind of arsenal of games coming out, only to find that while they were looking in one direction... MS was doing something different like... getting alot of RPG's on their system!

Not all of you but alot of you... I hope one day you realize how stupid some of the people are on here, and investigate things before you speak!

Also, in this gen of gaming, alot of these companies are trying to make as much money off these games as they can. So MS may not have had to pay for them... they may have approached MS about the deal as well.

Take FFXIII for instance! Yes it spent alot of time on the Playstation brand, but with the cost of creating games rising... Looking at 14 million Ps3's as your savior is wishful thinking (borderline insanity). But if you add those 14 mil to 19 mil (360) your numbers could look better.

For those who just rely on blind fanboy ambition, i'll spell it out for you... Since FF 7, sales for the series have dropped by almost a million with the release of each new game. Which is why Square Enix is focusing on branching out to larger audiences like Euro and US, because they are starting to feel like Japan might be starting to get bored of the FF franchise, which is why they are trying to get in good with MS. And alot of other developers have had these thoughts as well!

You can hate MS all you want, but the truth is ugly and may not be what you want to hear, but I will tell you weather you want to hear it or not!

P.S. Go ahead and take my bubbles if it makes you feel better. It just shows how sad fanboys are when they get pulled out of their fairytale land!

Real Gambler3753d ago

I'm amazed nobody picked up on that line:

“In addition, we are in a situation that there is a head-to-head race on several consoles and that nobody is super clear in leadership - especially in matters of the PlayStation 3 against Xbox 360.”

Does that mean that the PS3 is really getting THAT closer, number wise, to the 360? I know it's a question of time, but if somebody from Microsoft if saying that, they may have better numbers than we have. He cannot talk about Germany only, since for games, it's a "relatively" small market. Would like to see the numbers he is getting since I was not expecting the PS3 to catch up until end of 2009... Interesting. Spilling the beans like that, I'm sure he got an appointment with his boss a few hours after that. : )

KBDuB3753d ago

""The 360's "most hyped" titles are multi-platform." Not quite.." For the 22 people that disagreed with that statement.. then tell me.

Fable 2; Multi? No
Gears 2; Multi? No
Halo Wars; Multi? No
Left 4 Dead; Multi? No
SP: Conviction; Multi? No
RPG's; Multi? No
Viva 2; Multi? No
Banjo N&B; Multi? No
GTA4 DLC; Multi? No

KBDuB3753d ago

Lol. Reading these comments it reminds me of the Open Zone! ahahaaa

Time_Is_On_My_Side3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I hope you realize that Final Fantasy started with Nintendo but Sony saved them from bankruptcy. With each Final Fantasy game selling less and less that's due to piracy. The PlayStation 3 hasn't been cracked and if so you can't go online or Sony will catch you. Everyone knows the PlayStation 2 was selling because of pirated games.

This time around with 14 million PlayStation 3s means that you can actually sell that much. On the XBOX 360 side I know some people right now you have free online accounts and games. I know no one who has a PlayStation 3 to have a pirated game made for the PlayStation 3. This is what people don't realize and it's happening to the PlayStation Portable and DS. Remember the HD Loader; Sony countered that with a Slim model not capable with a HD (Hard Drive).

HD Loader Official Site HTML:

Time_Is_On_My_Side3753d ago

lol, some of those game are for the PC therefore you don't need an XBOX 360 to play them.

zo6_lover273752d ago

I just realized something, Skadoosh called Bomb a troll, I got banned for that once, he should too.

SolidSnake933752d ago

RPG's are your exclusive that would mean that every RPG is only on 360.

kopicha3752d ago

Whoa whoa whoa be careful with what you just said. I remember less than awhile ago I was just pointing out some facts like what you just mention in a much detail way and got ban from posting by the mod here calling me a fanboy. its really funny. firstly this is a real fact. secondly i own both so i am just pointing out something that people should realize. and got pwn right after. this only shows who clearly is fanboy. i couldnt really care more about it. i am neutral since bashing either side isnt going to being benefit to me. but fanboys will never admit them. just gotta live with those nonsense. especially those 10 yr old kids who only know how to click on disagree without knowing what they disagree about.

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LightningPS33753d ago

the more affordable man wins. Pretty simple logic if you ask me.

PirateThom3753d ago

Then Microsoft lose instantly, since Sony have a lot more first party developers.

Jandre023753d ago

Grand Turismo, God of War, Twisted Metal, FFXIII Versus, InFamous, Team Ico exclusive, Rockstar North exclusive, Zipper Exclusive, Heavy Rain.

Wherever that land may be, it sure isn't the gaming world as it is now. In this land you get what you pay for, and it's showing more and more as time progresses.

beavis4play3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

KZ2,ratchet and clank, resistance, jak and daxter, wardevil, uncharted, MGS,, sony wins the exclusive battle easily. no wonder ms says they aren't important.

and this ms guy is wrong....1st party exclusives are a big reason for a consoles success.

Conan9973753d ago

just one more bubble left before we'll never have to hear you

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Silogon3753d ago

The difference, Sony actually has teams making "GOOD" viable exclusive for their system internally and Microsoft doesn't. I'd take al of Sony's internally developed IP over Microsofts anyday of the week.

RonDeMuerte3753d ago

That's because you barely have any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO_PUDding3753d ago

Internally developed meant something to everyone when they still had Bungie.

Sony's efforts have always been to maintain first party. Right from the word go.

And they have a business model based around that.

Microsoft aren't as good at ahndlign their software developers, so generally unless they are pretty much seperated from the company ike Rare and Lionhead they don't do very well.

And Microsoft seems to exercise very little creative freedom.

Shadow Man3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

What do you call this:
Ninja Blade
Mass Effect 2
Gears of war 2
Alan Wake
Fable 2
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Tales of Vesperia
Star Ocean 4
Infinite Undiscovery
Mobile Ops: The One Year War
Magna Carta 2
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
Project Offset
Supreme Commander
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
Halo Wars
Fallout 3 DLC
Left 4 Dead
Portal: Still Alive
Forza Motorsport 3
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Halo: Chronicles
The Crossing
Prey 2
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Divine Divinity II
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
Voodoo Nights
Project Progressive
Race Pro
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Dead Island
Demons of Mercy
Dungeon Hero
Shadow Harvest
The Shadow of Aten
Space Chimps
Super Star
Underwater Wars
Versus Tactical Action
White Gold: War in Paradise
Zoids Assault
Warhammer: Battle March
Grand Raid Offroad
Battlestations: Pacific
You're in the Movies
Scene It? Box Office Smash

ICUP3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

How many of those games are exactly good and is not on PC?

Alan Wake-hahahah
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction-hahahha

Stryfeno23753d ago

What your blumbering idiots don't realise that Game for Windows is still MS. So if you buy it on the PC, you still supporting MS.

play_b3yond3753d ago

@Shadow Man
All you have done is writing down all the Xbox 360 exclusives. Some of them won't be even out in 2008 or 2009. Some of them suck and some are just downloadable content. And why would you include Infinite flop and Tales of Flop in there. Alan Sleep currently has difficulties in development and Splinter Cell development is basically started over since their game wasn't good enough to compete with other AAA titles.

BigMassacre3753d ago

I guarantee you Star Ocean 4 won't remain a 360 exclusive. Watch.

Common Sense3753d ago


most of them anyway

play_b3yond3753d ago

@patchstation 3
I didn't really know, Games for Windows support MS. Thanks for letting me know. Now that I know I will just pirate all their games and let them suffer ahahahahahaha. Just joking. But I seriously didn't know games for windows support MS.

juuken3753d ago

Most of those games aren't even in production yet so your list is kinda...idk...laughable?


PoSTedUP3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

..the longest trail of garbage i have ever seen....

cept for gears1 and 2....but i had gears for the PC : O, what now?

and i agree with juuken, that list is laughable XD. *laughs with juuken*

SmokingMonkey3753d ago

I think you forgot SNEAK KING and BIG BUMPIN


not one of those games comes CLOSE to


or R2, KZ2 and especially MAG

want to see my list

LITTLEBIGPLANET...that is all!

nieto3753d ago

Magna Carta 2? are you talking about Tears of Blood 2 the korean jrpg? because last i checked it was ps3 xclusive.

Zoids? what's wrong with you? you're just putting any crap game on that list for the sake of saying that it is xclusive.

Totem? what the heck it's that? a game? most of those games sound like FLOP!

NipGrip3753d ago

What a total list of garbage..

I can't wait for Wipeout.. Twisted Metal.. LPB of course. THOSE are AAA exclusives, not whatever that crap you just listed is. Reminds me of those "500 Games on One CD!" packs you can get for the PC and it's just 500 crappy games.

theKiller3753d ago

u r truly an idiot!! and who will buy PC game these days?? maybe u but not me and not many and thats why PC gaming is suffering!!
all windows games u can get them from torrents for free idiot!!

and who on earth doesnt have a pc?? only few with the exception of poor countries!!

so when a game goes to PC then its not exclusive anymore, at least not 360 exclusive!!

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Chris Hansen3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Now they are downplaying exclusives because they barely have any internal studios to make em, unlike Sony.

War Has Changed
Play Create Share
My Name Is Nathan Hale and I have 19 Hours to Live

in the end...There Will Only Be Chaos
The Real Driving Simulator
If You Want to Test a Man's Character, Give Him Power

PirateThom3753d ago

And that's just the ones with slogans!

ICUP3753d ago

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln call, he want his quote back. :P

poopsack3753d ago

to be fair in the trailer of the game it says - abraham lincoln

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Raoh3753d ago


what was left out is that third party exclusives dont matter anymore..

first party exclusives do...

PirateThom3753d ago

Third party exclusives obviously do matter, or else Gears of War and Mass Effect would be on PS3.

Jandre023753d ago

No, the point is third party exclusive exist, but they don't matter. And I think those would be 2nd party because Microsoft produce them (or no).

But third party games exclusives won't exist until one console can outsell another console by a very large margin. It doesn't make sense otherwise. Why limit your potential buyers more than you have to since selling games is your primary focus. Sure attach rates per console will be down, but overall sales will usually go up.

Microsoft, by far, has the weakest 1st and 2nd party developers, which is why they have seen such a drop off in interest this year. Sony has the largest (easily) and Nintendo has the most efficient and talented.

Microsoft blew their chances early only by not snatching up more companies, and instead concentrating on buying timed exclusivity and exclusive DLC. The short term success was pretty good, but in the long run they lost a lot of developers which were then snatched up by Activision and EA.

They have lost their ability to provide anything unique, and since huge hits no longer exist they can't justifiably purchase one exclusive game that will boost their hardware sales that is worth the price. The only game left that would have made sense was Final Fantasy, but it seems they were unable to buy Square off entirely.

Microsoft's outlook is definitely grim, and this Sunday when the price drops in NA a lot of people will see evidence of this. They lack options at this point, and hardware saturation in North America will become a serious concern for Microsoft as time progresses, since they have no way of producing anything new or exciting.

PirateThom3753d ago

No, they're third party games that are published by Microsoft, kind of like Heavy Rain.

SL1M DADDY3753d ago

It's a known fact that first party beats out third party any day of the week and twice on Sunday. They have all the tools and the know-how to push the system they code for. Third parties never get the same support so it stands to reason why Sony's first party titles will beat out their own third party exclusives. That is why the best looking console game remains to be Uncharted, a Sony exclusive.

KBDuB3753d ago

How do Third Party Exclusives not count? That's stupid. An exclusive, whether First, Second or Third, is still an exclusive..

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