Gaming Nexus: Code of Honor 2 Conspiracy Island Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "A few years ago, I downloaded a demo of a game called Far Cry. It was all the rage at the time, mostly because of its incredible graphics, if I recall correctly. And pretty they were, as pretty on my old PC as a Flickr slideshow. Same speed as well. It appeared that Far Cry would have to wait until I was able to get a stronger computer to run it. That eventually happened, and I was soon shooting my way across a beautiful uncharted island in Micronesia. But things got a little weird when I had to start shooting at mutants (again). It's always mutants. Why is it always mutants?? I wished for a game with the mechanics of Far Cry, but with all-human opponents. Call it misanthropy, but I just prefer to fight humans. Mutants? I got nothing against mutants.

This brings us to City Interactive's Code of Honor 2 Conspiracy Island. In Conspiracy Island, you play the role of Sergeant Boulet, a commando in an elite branch of the Foreign Legion. Terrorists have taken control of a nuclear reactor, and... You can fill in the blanks. It's a pretty tried and true story line, and there will be no surprises. Well, except for the water snakes. Those were a surprise. The story doesn't really matter anyway; all I really need to know is that there are no mutants. It's just you and your guys against a whole lot of terrorists. You're armed with off-the-shelf weapons - no pulse rocket energy burst girlie weapons here! Just for the record, my two favorites were the FAMAS rifle with scope and the Mossburg 500 shotgun. What you miss with the FAMAS, you get with the Mossburg. What could be easier?"

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