Crave Online: NHL 2K9 Demo Impressions

Crave Online writes: "Every year around September it's the same thing for me; I get so damn psyched for hockey season. I love it. One of the longest seasons in all of professional sports and I get to sit down every September with two of the latest hockey games. The great thing about the hockey gaming genre as opposed to, say, Madden is that there's still a large sense of competition. EA and 2K Sports still battle it out every single year to see which of that season's hockey games is the best.

Since NHL 07, I've been in the EA Sports camp. The introduction of the Skill Stick into the world of virtual hockey was nothing short of brilliant. Move and control the shots and dekes of the players on the ice in one of the most intuitive fashions to ever grace gaming. This is EA we're talking about… the company often slammed for their lack of innovation. It was a hard thing to swallow, but ever since EA put out NHL 07, 2K Sports has been left in the dust."

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