KIllzone 2: Hands On Impressions - Gameplayer Preview

When you first wrap your ocular organs around Killzone 2 in action, it's hard to not start doing mental comparisons to the infamous E3 trailer of 2005 - you know, the one that purported to show in-game footage until it was eventually exposed as a pre-rendered "target" for what the PS3 would be capable of...

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redsnake3753d ago

this game looks amazing be picking it up 4 sure

cahill3753d ago

just wait till february


Ninja-Sama3753d ago

it was amazing! Man I'm looking at too many KZ2 vids :(

MrReality3753d ago

cant wait to try the sniping with cloak and whens the patch realesed for coop story?

marinelife93753d ago

I'm going to have to go on a KZ2 coverage fast. My nerves can't take much more of this teasing.

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zo6_lover273753d ago


"The most telling sign is that we didn’t want to stop playing and reluctantly gave up the controller only when the Sony PR reps pulled the power on the LCD. Killzone 2 is set to offer amazingly dramatic, intense action, and should be the catalyst for some serious multiplayer gaming on the PlayStation Network. We can’t wait."

Sounds awesome. Can't wait for this game.

cahill3753d ago


February cant come soon enough

Qdog3753d ago

This game absolutely excites the core of my inner gamer, and being infantry in the army, I'm sure it will appeal to the very tactical shooter nature of my gaming repetoire... The screens were amazing, and I am all too glad that gameplay has been reinforced by these gaming sites, as it was a little worrying with all the resources that have been pushed into making this game a graphic masterpeice...I loved liberation for the PSP, as it was spot on graphically for it's time, while the fluid simulation in the game was unreal for the PSP...I cant wait, but I suppose I have too like everyone else... For all my gaming brothers and sisters out there in the world, regardless of the platform you choose, "Game on"...

RememberThe3573753d ago

This game is at the top of my list of most wanted games. February is going to be a great month.

Qdog3753d ago

I usually dont indulge in feeding the dimwitted flames. Why would someone disagree with an opinionated statement aimed at myself and only those that feel the same as I do?

I know one that the disagreebots cant resist, it really works though.
"Roses are red and violets are blue".-Let the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder related disagrees fly.

mfwahwah3753d ago

People Disagree when they don't feel the same way. If you say "I love grocery shopping!" You're liable to get a disagree, even though you clearly love it, and people don't know if you're lying. It's simpler than wasting a bubble. Also, you probably just got a disagreebot lol.

Sitdown3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

There are a couple of reasons you might have gotten a disagree. I do not know if it is just my web browser(mozilla) or other people experience this as well.......but if my page is not showing the latest comments in the thread....sometimes when I hit disagree it will jump up and show a disagree for one of the posters above. I do not know if that can be fixed...but it would be great.

Another reason is......people disagree not because what you are saying is wrong...but because they just do not want to hear anything negative about their console of choice. I once wished that it would be that in order to disagree you were forced to tell why......but now I realized that even if people told why, you might not necessarily get a decent answer. From my understanding, disagrees do not necessarily take away your sometimes you just have to ignore the disagrees that you see.

I have just commented on observations and had bubbles taken out for people who will ignore or decrease your bubbles because you refute their argument......not necessarily because you were negative towards them, but because you did not blindly agree with them. For me, posting and video games are not that serious....but for some people, this is pretty much what they know.

RememberThe3573753d ago

That happens to me too, all the time. I don't know if it's the site or the browser, I have Firefox as well, so. But know that your not the only one.

Tacki3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

The same agree/disagree glitch happens with me as well. It's quite annoying at times. Doesn't seem to matter what browser you're using either. I could only assume it has something to do with the site.

So don't let disagrees bother you much Qdog. There's almost always someone who will just click it out of spite for arguing your views or if they just don't like that you're a fan of a particular console.

Though I have imagined us as all pawns in a greater battle between the mods. Yes, opposing factions battling it out 'base' style, temporily gaining control of certain site functions... forcing your vote to be cast for their side and against the other. lol

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MUNKYPOO3753d ago

they sound impressed with this game. ooohh i want this game to come out already

Blademask3753d ago

They gave the Gameplay its props
They gave the Visuals the justice they deserve

and their problems?

They had an AI guy stand there while you shot him. Which happens in all games.
They saw bodies disappear.

LOL.. its going to be hard to hate on this game

cahill3753d ago

But not all websites are like EDGE/KOTAKU --deranged SONY haters

wAtdaFck3753d ago

...because, quite frankly, I wanted to hear:

"Oh, Killzone 2's a FL0P! EVERYTHING'S TOO GHREY!!!!"
"Its copies Halo 3 and COD4 because you AIM and SHOOT!!!"
"OMG!! An invisible sniper! Killzone 2 is teh [email protected]?!?!!"

I wanted to make fun of their stupidity, but they lucked out. So this time, we get intelligent previewers instead. Good job.

Bathyj3753d ago

Elliot Fish is a good writer. Former Editor and long time contributer of Hyper (Australia's Famitsu) he is well respected, as Hyper is about the only games media whose opinion I still care about. If anything he and alot of the Hyper guys still have a softspot for Nintendo from the days of old but they are no fanboys and nearly always give a fair review.

Hyper rates 100 out of 100, not 10 out of 10, a system I agree with and since no game is perfect, no game has ever got 100. They are a little tough, but fair. Anything over 90% is great, anything 95 or higher is absolute top tier and doesn't happen that often.

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