Crave Online Review: Galaga Legions

Crave Online writes: "Galaga is back, hitting the Xbox Live Arcade with better graphics, and a hefty load of bright lights. It's the first thing I noticed when I booted up my first tour against the Galaga hordes. This game has so many damn lights flashing every direction that my eyes literally couldn't focus on shooting these evil centipede creatures. I mean I've played Pokemon, even watched the cartoon when it first aired, but the light show in Galaga: Legions puts it all to shame.

Firstly, the heads-up-display (HUD) is far too cluttered. You have a different score in every corner; written in futuristic lingo where everything has to have twenty "0"s to start each number, as well as a combo meter centered at the bottom of the screen. You're then given flight paths of your enemies to plan you attack pattern as well as flashing starting indicators for their locations. It's just overload. It took me multiple "game overs" to even realize where my life count was displayed."

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