NZGamer: Galaga Legions Review

NZGamer writes: "The original Galaga arcade game was ported to Xbox Live Arcade a couple of years ago, and while it has since been removed, we now have a remake with the kind of shiny, colourful visuals that accompany most port's enhanced modes. Although it would be unfair to call this a mere enhanced version of the original because it does a lot of new things that they simply couldn't have done with a port.

Galaga Legions, like the original, doesn't have much of a back-story, but since a lot of gamers like their titles to have a story, I'll give you one: "legions of alien insects or 'Galaga' are invading earth so it's up to you to take your space ship and make like a proverbial intergalactic fly swatter." Satisfied? Moving on…"

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