GamingTrend: SNK Arcade Classics: Volume 1 Review

GamingTrend writes: "When I was younger, I would frequent my local arcade. In between the 6-player X-Men cabinet and the overused Street Fighter 2 machine would be this strange red cabinet. It always had two or more games in it, and they looked like nothing else. There were shooters, fighting games, run n' gun games, and sports games, all in one cabinet. It amazed me. Then I would throw in a quarter and get my butt handed to me with a side order of my dignity.

The maker of these machines was SNK, and the Neo-Geo system in those arcade cabinets was capable of some amazing things. There was a palpable sense of love in their craft, with an enormous amount of detail in their backgrounds and more action on-screen than any other arcade machine could handle. They ruled the roost until they were supplanted by newer 3-D games, and the old red cabinet couldn't keep up."


* Some games hold up really well (Hey, Metal Slug, call me sometime)
* Sixteen different games
* Just like you remember them
* A lot for your money


* Weird controls
* Some games don't hold up well

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