GamingTrend: Siren: Blood Curse Review

GamingTrend writes: "These days it seems like there are only two names that matter in the survival horror genre, Resident Evil and Silent Hill (no, Alone in the Dark you don't count). With only two strong contenders in the survival horror market, there certainly seems to be room for another good franchise. Enter Siren: Blood Curse, available through the Playstation Network.

Blood Curse is the direct sequel to the original Siren released on the PS2 back in 2004. Like its prequel, Blood Curse is set in a fictional Japanese village that seems to be cursed. Throughout the game you play as several different outsiders to the village who must unravel the mystery surrounding the village and stay alive at the same time. If this sounds familiar it's probably because you have played any one of the numerous Silent Hill games."


* A solid story will keep you guessing
* There is a lot of game here for a budget price
* It has a very creepy atmosphere


* The camera is terrible
* The camera is too close to your character's head

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LightningPS33730d ago

not sure if Resident Evil and Silent Hill are the only names that matter in Survival horror, but a crap ass PSN game that has to be downloaded in 12 episodes that take an hour each like Siren: Blood curse sure doesn't.

juuken3730d ago

Just like your mother.
Funny how I see you here first.

Flop Human.
Infinite Floppery
Flop pricecuts
Flopped 360

Get a f*cking life.

OGharryjoysticks3730d ago

The camera is nice in my opinion. It acts as the players eyes and like in real life you have a limited area you can view without moving your head and body. If you expect to be able to spin your view around 360 degrees you will be sorry. But you can't spin your eyes around the back of your head so like life you need to deal with it.

Stryfeno23730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


For the Losers On Playstation

juuken3730d ago


Only for the 360 Floppers.

level 3603730d ago

I knew it, I knew it... just like in the demo version, the dreaded and very limited camera moves would cause a big problem and will be a big factor in buying this game.
The full and the cut into 3 episodic parts but slightly expensive game which is only going to be available on the PS Store is such a *terrible idea - as you won't be able to test trial like if it was available in blu-ray disc format thru you're favorite video shops for renting.
Some games are just meant to be tested first before making a decision on buying it afterwards and Siren is one of those games... plus the PS3 hard drives at the moment are still very limited in space and way too expensive a purchase.
At this point of time disc format is still the way to go., so I guess I won't be able to buy and play it for now.

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