Microsoft, Sony, Ford Keynoting CES 2009

G4TV writes: "Bringing us the latest in technology, gadgets and stuff that most of us probably can't afford (because we want them ALL!), Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer and Ford CEO Alan Mulally will keynote the 2009 International CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada, announced by the company today.

CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro stated in the release."

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Surfman3728d ago

ahh ces 2008.. memories ;)
where the end of hd-dvd started.

SmokingMonkey3728d ago

you have to start before you can end

HD-DVD is one of the biggest FLOPS ever, in history!

at least Betamax competed! lousy porn.


soul899er3727d ago

:D its not a gaming confrence, but Sony did announce Skype for PSP, and the PS Store coming for the PSP also :D hope they announce more cool stuff for the Playstation products. xD

RememberThe3573727d ago

Thats actually a really good line up they have there at CES, I'd be interested to here what they have to say.

soul899er3727d ago

yeah :D thanks for replying! bubbles