G4TV Soundtrack Review: 'Fallout 3'

G4TV writes: "Well I went out and plunked down $5 at Gamestop for Fallout 3 yesterday and got myself one of their promo poster and soundtrack samplers for the game for doing it. Ok, I will be honest, that is exactly why I did it! What I got was a good taste of what the original music will sound like, along with the twisted humor of licensed songs for the game.

The five song disc opens with The Ink Spots' classic from 1941 "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire." As Fallout lore goes, Interplay tried but couldn't get the license for this song for the original game, but Bethesda has had better luck with Fallout 3. The humorous juxtaposition of this song against the game's post-nuclear war storyline out does amps up what 2K did by licensing "Beyond the Sea" for Bioshock. You will likely never hear this song the same way again once you hear it in the final game. Similar will be the reaction to the old-time/good-time feeling of track 2, "Way Back Home" by Bob Crosby."

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