TeamXbox: FIFA 09 Adidas Live Season Video

TeamXbox writes: "FIFA Soccer 09 is now powered with dynamic real-world data and analytics, lifting the game to new heights of authenticity for soccer fans and gamers connected online. The adidas Live Season service will redefine the soccer videogame experience by dynamically updating player form in-game on a weekly basis so that player attributes mirror real-world performances.

The service is based on how real players performed in the most recent real-world matches. Gameplay will change dynamically as the performance of players and soccer teams in the real world experience the highs and lows during their campaigns."

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Stinkey3753d ago

Can't wait! And what about trades are player trades going to be updated too. What if a player comes from a team that's not in the game and is traded to say a Man U or a Sunderland How are they going to include them in the game

Epic3753d ago

As a pro evo fan... I am now going to get fifa for sure (as well as pro). but this weekly update puts fifa's online infrastructure miles ahead of pro evo. it is now a first day purchase for me.

players like Adriano will finally be as good or as rubbish as their real world counterpart. hehe.

however, will purchasing a season long service be effectively be buying another game? I wonder how much this is going to cost.

Also if I play someone online, who doesn't have real world updates, whereas I do - will that be reflected in the game?

Questions I look forward to finding out about, when I get the game.