'Tales of Vesperia' (somewhat) Throwback Review (PS3): One of the Best

Namco Tales Studio released a PS3 port in 2009, but only in Japan. The port includes a lot of extras including two new party members, lots of additional side quests, and much more voice acting. So for anyone who wanted to play it outside Japan, you would have to import it and be able to have a pretty good grasp on Japanese knowledge.

But luckily a translation team recently released an English patch, and a couple of online translations guides for the game and its extras

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI906d ago

Oh yeah, I remember Microisoft basically purchased NA exclusivity for this game and it sold really bad as a result. Still kinda pissed about that.

shaun mcwayne905d ago

I dont think MS made made many hard copys of tales as its quite a rare game to find in stores. I bought the digital version in the sale a couple of weeks ago hoping for backwards compatability soon.

SaiyanFury905d ago

The stupid thing is that Namco was working on a North American version of the PS3 game a few years ago, but for some reason seemingly abandoned it. I'm hoping against hope maybe they'll remaster it and release it for PS4. Fingers crossed, but a dream I do not think will get realised.