Loot Ninja Review: de Blob (iPhone)

Loot Ninja writes: "I've been intrigued by de Blob ever since the first Wii videos and info were released. When I heard the game was coming to the iPhone, it seemed like a logical step. The iPhone's tilt and touch controls fit the game's style and theme nicely. de Blob looks to be a solid hit for the Wii, but does it translate well to Apple's mobile device?

Simply put, this is the best iPhone game I've played. The concept, gameplay, graphics, and sound all come together perfectly. In de Blob, you're a little rolling creature (de Blob, duh) who's given the task of ridding the world of the evil INKT Corporation who is trying to remove all traces of color. You roll around sucking up paint globs like a sponge and coloring anything you touch. There are various colors to collect over the game's 16 stages to mix up your palette for painting buildings, trees, grass, streets and other characters in the world."

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