Destructoid Impressions: The Last Guy

Dick McVengeance writes:

"So Tron and I were planning on doing a regular ol' review of Hindustan Electronics' new title, The Last Guy. But, a few complications arose. Namely, my copy of the game had no sound, and Tron had constant visual problems with his TV.

So, in the interest of fairness, we decided to abstain from doing this as a review proper, because the problems here were due to post-production problems. What you'll find below is just like any sort of review, minus a score at the end, and the "take this with a grain of salt" idea should already be implied.

So, let's get into this game."

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OGharryjoysticks3675d ago

All my perceptions on the game are covered here by these two guys and I agree with what they are saying.

TheWickedOne3675d ago

Fun time albeit frustrating at times. I love this quote:

""Big Zombie" boss screams at you approximately every 30 seconds, causing any survivors you've collected to crap their pants and take off to the nearest house."