ACG Retro: Grim Fandango Review

If you are an avid adventure game fan, there is absolutely no reason for you not to play Grim Fandango. It is an ageless classic that must be experienced at least once, if not for nostalgia then for what the best of the adventure genre can once offer.

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donator3704d ago

I still play this game every 6 months or so. Classic gaming at its finest. The only other game to match Grim Fandango is Day of the Tentacle.

JonahFalcon3542d ago

Same here. To play Grim Fandango is to fall in love.

WitWolfy3704d ago

Its been like almost 10 years since i 1st heard of this game and i enjoyed every part of it its a true classic and was original for its time ... despite that one bug for when your playing on a super computer that the elevator moves too fast lol

but still a great game would love to see this being recreated :)