Gundam Vs. Gundam First Video

Namco Bandai has released the first video of Mobile Suit Gundam : Gundam Vs. Gundam for the PSP and has also announced that the game will be available on November 20 in Japan.

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RememberThe3573727d ago

Now when are we going to get this in the states?

Charlie26883727d ago

This one in particular probably never since at least half of the Gundam shows in it were never licensed in the US -_-

PPGN3727d ago

I agree with 'sweet'-

But I think I can answer that question: NO.
Gundam Battle Universe never came over to the U.S., and considering Gundam vs Gundam is also made by Namco Bandai and that the first game never came to the U.S., this one won't eathier.

Peow3727d ago

Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo was probably my favorite gundam game. And the best, EVER!

BLuKhaos3727d ago

you should try Gundam The One Year War for PS2,I promise you it way better than JTJ in every way.but the game is very rare.

Peow3727d ago

I'm not sure. I grew up with JTJ. I'll look for the game though, I saw it at a pawnshop near here. I'd probably of gotten it but I didnt have enough money. It was 5 bucks but I had exactly 500 for a 500 dollar guitar(of course tax money...) so yeah. =/

Charlie26883727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

I actually found Gundam Crossfire for the PS3 to be my favorite Gundam game yet O.O

The game is a nightmare at the begging when you are forced to use the garbage of Zaku I and basic GMs but once you unlock better ones the game does a MASSIVE 180!

season0073727d ago

they are holding back all franchises and releasing them on PS2 and PSP instead...I understand the economy is bad, not very often they can invest big and develop for PS3

But how come they just can't release 1 game every 2 years just to test the market...Not a single decent Gundam, Robot games on PS3 yet...yes it svcks

BLuKhaos3727d ago

I blame namcobandai for giving us crappy gundams and tarnishing the Gundam Name instead of releasing gems like Gundam 0079 The One Year war and the PSP gundam battle series.

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