The Escapist - PAX 2008: LittleBigPlanet Hands-On Preview

Adam LaMosca Writes:

"Sony's LittleBigPlanet multiplayer demo began with a quick sackboy customization session, where four onscreen players, including myself and a Sony PR rep, had a few minutes to deck out our stitched-up avatars. I pulled up a slick little menu that appeared in a sort of bubble beside my own sackboy's head and had just enough time to equip my guy with a wooden sword, cape, and single eye. If I'd had more time I could have done better, but as it was I was stuck with a cyclops swordsman.

Next up was a brief tutorial on sackboy controls. LittleBigPlanet's two-dimensional playing field made basic movement and jumping a snap. The controller's D-Pad cycled my sackboy through different degrees of cute facial expressions, from sadness to anger to glee. Holding down the L2 an R2 buttons allowed me to move my sackboy's arms with the analog sticks, and even punch my cohorts. We learned we could also grab and drag each other around with the R1 button. Madness ensued as we pummeled and flung each other about until our host whisked us into a couple of minigames.

The first minigame had a trampoline-like surface that bounced our sackboys up and down a single screen while we collected bubble-like spheres that drifted by. The second sat us atop a topsy-turvy cow and challenged us to stay on as long as we could. From there, we jumped into a bonafide sidescrolling level where we raced to the right of the screen, dodging obstacles, while a goofy raging beast pursued us from the left. It soon became clear that sackboy customization was more than just a fun little diversion, as it was sometimes difficult to figure out exactly which of the four characters onscreen was my own."

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