Avid Gamer Review - GTR: Evolution

Avid Gamer writes:

"Let it out my fellow gamer, let it out. Scream at the top of your lungs. GTR Evolution is one of those games. If you keep your frustration bottled up, you'll end up going postal on your street. This is a game for those that scoff at Burnout's damage obsessed antics, laugh at the arcade drifting in GRiD and complain that Top Gear is all about the entertainment. Yes you! You own a replica steering wheel with peddles and gearbox. You'd buy a life-sized model of the latest Ferrari to sit in while playing your racing titles. From SimBin, GTR Evolution is the follow-up, stand-alone expansion for the WTCC title Race 07. It's PC only and it's hoping to be answer to Gran Turismo or Forza. Race 07 pipped the only other notable title, rFactor at the post but does GTR open up the lead enough to warrant a purchase or should you stick with Race 07?"

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