Is Nintendo changing the way Women are being marketed to?

Nikole of GameGirl Writes:

"Nintendo has been using a new slue of ads to appeal to female gamers. We've all seen the commercials where Carrie Underwood is cooing at her imaginary pet while playing Nintendogs. There has been mixed reactions to the Carrie Underwood ads, a lot of it negative. Some people feel these ads are patronizing women as simple creatures who like puppies, kitties and rainbows. Of course this isn't the only view point on the matter. Many people think these ads are great, they are appealing to a whole new generation of girl gamers who otherwise wouldn't be marketed to at all. Regardless of how you feel about them they are here to stay, at least for a while. Nintendo has added two new girls to their list of celebrity gamers: America Ferrera and Liv Tyler."

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