Ars Technica Review: Toy Bot Diaries

Charles Jade Writes:

"If one were to extract the money quote from a non-existent review of Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone and iPod touch, it might look something like this.

"Super Monkey Ball is a great game. That is, if you are an Olympic gymnast from China with incredible balance and reflexes who has been playing it for 16 of your 14 years. For casual gamers, it may actually damage your iPhone or iPod touch when you hurl it against the ground after a butterfly crossing your path affected the iPhone's accelerometer and sent Aiai wailing to his doom."

In stark and joyous contrast, Toy Bot Diaries makes superlative use of the hardware and user interface of the iPhone and iPod touch, but beyond the mechanics of play, is an excellent casual game in its own right."

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