touchArcade Review: A Closer Look at 'Asphalt 4 Elite Racing'

touchArcade Writes:

"Asphalt 4 Elite Racing is a 3D auto racing game that features 28 different vehicles (Corvette, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti to name a few) and nine different venues (New York, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, etc.). The iPhone version of the game is a port of the original mobile version which is available for a wide variety of platforms.

Asphalt 4 is more of an arcade-style racer akin to the Ridge Racer series than a realistic, simulation-style game such as Gran Turismo. The goal of the game is to acquire cash by way of savvy play style, goal completion, and more or less breaking the law: "Perform illegal acts to get cash, boosts, and live TV time!" New venues and performance tweaks are unlocked along the way as cash is accumulated.

Asphalt 4 is a rather aggressive affair. In-game Nitro Boosts (which are used frequently) provide a speed burst and allow for "takedowns" of other vehicles, which bring bonuses to the player. Frequent takedowns and general on-road mayhem will get the police on your tail but, happily, cops are valid takedown targets, as well. A big part of the game is "drifting" (Ridge Racer style), and a mastery of the technique results in accrued bonuses."

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