Gamerscore Blog: PAX Day 2 - Panels, Rock Band 2 and Broken Uploaders

DirtyDiva from the Gamerscore Blog writes:

"It's late over here in Seattle as I sit here fighting with my laptop to upload the photos I took of those brave souls who took to the stage to sing and play their hearts out in Rock Band 2.

Yesterday was a crazy day and somehow Chris managed to get a post up. I wandered the floor checking out all of the crazy Japanese toys, colorful booths and upcoming games. This felt like the E3 of old. Signage galore lined the aisles and elaborate booths made for enticing eye candy for all of the gamers in attendance. I checked out the Dead Space booth, the new Brothers in Arms (who were shaving people's heads for a copy of the game - I kid you not...), Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2 booths."

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